Hail to the World Player of The Year (TM)  

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jon says...
Sorry for the late tribute. Thanks to excellent work of the 1 & only nation-wide broadband provider in this country. Ok, back to the topic. 

Congratulations to him after a blistering year helping United winning the Premiership & Champions League. He is the first winner from English league. May the award made him hunger for more. This is what he said that night:
“It’s a dream come true for me to get this award and I would like to dedicate this to my family. But it’s also true that the manager always has an important role to play. It was a great season for me and for my club, and the coach was important for me because I learned a lot for him. His experience over so many years is of paramount importance - it’s a privilege to have such a great club manager. This is the climax of a fantastic era for me. I’m happy and proud about what has been done by my team and what we have won. I am lucky to to be part of the history of a club like Manchester United.”

~thanks fifa.com for the pic

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What else is there to say. He is the best player in the world. Now if he can only show it again this season. There's still time for him to shine so I hope he makes the most of it.

Do you think he will be leaving for Madrid? I personally don't think so. But the CR9 story is weird huh. Whats up with that...

January 15, 2009 at 1:21 AM

nice blog u have.

yup,those tabloids sure knew how to find stories...well, we can't really tell...only himself knew what's the plan...whatever happen I always believe that no one's bigger than the club...

January 15, 2009 at 3:00 AM

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